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Discover the magic of Tanzania with an unforgettable vacation. Browse our private bespoke itineraries, each of which can be altered, adapted and customised to suit the needs and requests of our Photographers. Let us plan your dream vacation!

Best cameras for wildlife photography:

When it comes to picking the best camera for nature photography, it’s not as simple as recommending one specific brand and model. There are a ton of cameras to choose from! Selecting the best one for you comes down to what style of photography you’re into as well as personal preferences. They ship equipment via UPS anywhere inside the continental US, and make returning the gear super-easy with prepaid shipping labels so all you have to do is drop it off at a UPS pickup.


All of our guides are hand-picked. For our head guide we have the great honor of working with one of the top, most respected and sought after guides in all of Tanzania, Raymond and other guide is Tanzanian native having over 10 years of experience with the nature and wildlife of Tanzania, is a virtual encyclopedia of all things Africa. Each of our guides has a great deal of knowledge and a deep connection and understanding of these animals, birds, their locations, and their habits and behaviors on an intimate level. They also and understands and respects the special needs of photographers.


You will be travelling in “photographer friendly” safari vehicles that accommodate up to 1 to 6 passengers. These vehicles have hatches on the roof and sliding glass windows to take pictures from. They are laid out with two front individual seats and three rows of bench seats. Unlike many overcrowded safari vehicles, we will only have three photographers per vehicle. This means you will have a bench seat all to yourself, where you are free to make yourself at home and spread out your photography gear. As an additional bonus, you will be able to photograph from both sides of the vehicle, so you don’t ever have to worry about missing photographic opportunities because you are on the wrong side!


After visiting many different lodges and locations, we have hand-picked these particular lodges based on their proximity to our shooting locations, security, services offered, cleanliness, When it comes to your choice of accommodations, there are hotels, lodges and permanent or mobile tented camps. All will have comfortable beds, in-suite bathrooms and showers, laundry facilities, attentive staff and good food. With prior notice, the cooks can accommodate dietary needs.

Camps operate off of generator and solar power. If there are specific hours of operation, they will do their best to accommodate photo groups’ charging needs. Most equipment we bring charges at both 110- and 220-volt. East Africa uses the UK plug style with its three big square prongs. Keep in mind that people will have lots of the same equipment, so it can be difficult to identify your gear at a community charging station. I put a colored sticker on each piece of electronic gear. Most accommodations also will have some form of Internet access.


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