Kenzan Mara Tented Camp

Located on the edge of the Northern Serengeti wilderness in Tanzania, home to the greatest Wildlife reserves in Africa; the Kenzan Mara Tented Camp offers an incredibly spectacular viewing of naturally preserved eco-system. The Camp is enriched with ever-present pleasing sounds and gives you a chance to explore outdoor wilderness while connecting with hidden gems of nature.

Kenzan Mara Tented Camp is peacefully located and decorated with a tasteful selection of colors and pieces of art to set the tone for cool and soothing relaxation away from the stresses of life. The living spaces of this tented camp are filled with light and with blissful breezes blowing in; these would be the right places for couples to chill and view the awe-inspiring sunset.

Experience a perfect blend of luxury and adventure by being located at an optimal location where you can listen to the natural music of Serengeti (the grunts and sounds of animals) with wildebeest migration in action and leopard and lion sightings. Catch every moment with uniquely designed walking safaris, balloon safaris, game drives, bonfires and more premier safari tours.

A perfect escape from the world for newly-married honeymoon couples where they can unwind and celebrate the beginning of their new life with charming beauty all around. Experience romance and adventure with raw yet authentic and attractive face of the natural world

Kenzan Mara Tented Camp Photo Gallery

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